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Cinnamon - Lola's Leads Fabric Extension Cable

Important Safety Advice

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We would like to point out that you need to be careful what you plug into any extension lead. Whether an extension lead has  2, 4 6 or even more sockets for appliances, it is not necessarily safe to use all the sockets at the same time. You must not exceed 13 amps for the entire extension lead not per socket. All appliances have varying ratings which means that when plugging in multiple devices, you can easily exceed the maximum load perhaps without realising. We would like to suggest looking at this external independent Socket Calculator which can help you work out what power your appliances draw. Always check your own product for their exact specifications.

Specifications on all UK leads: 

o Bakelite 13A 3 pin fused socket to BS1363 

o Decorative covers 1.5mm double insulated cable to BS EN 50525-2 

o Rubberised double socket outlet to BS1363/A 

o 220V TO 240V 

o 3000W Max 

o UK assembled 

o R2 .06 ohms 

o Insulation resistance 900M+

General Dos & Don'ts

* Do not get product wet

Do not use with any extra extensions.

If cleaning use a dry cloth to wipe down.


More information on our European Lola's Leads.


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maximum load 13amp

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A warm toasted brown…

The colour of the peeled and rolled aromatic bark of a South Asian tree. The rich red hue of this brown brings warmth and grounds your interior. Cinnamon has a shine from the rayon. Spot our Cinnamon Lola’s Leads across Soho Works…

Our fantastic fabric-covered twisted extension cable comes as standard in 1m - 15m with a black or white plug. Not long enough for you? Well, we can make leads up to 50m!

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