History of Lola's Leads

Lola was lounging on her daybed with her laptop connected to an unsightly cable snaking across her Persian rug. And she thought, "But why does this everyday item have to lack beauty?"

Julie Lewis, the founder of the Lolapalooza lifestyle brand, started developing Lola's Leads about 5 years ago. Tenacious, with a strong sense of style and frustrated living in a large old house with very few sockets, she couldn't resist improving on the common or garden plastic extension leads.
After a year or so of extensive research and numerous prototypes, she received many compliments from friends and decided to explore them as a commercial project.

Lola's Leads was first exhibited at Top Drawer 2017 and then Pulse 2018 to gauge the overall response from retailers, press and the general public. The luxurious golden leads were very well received!

Julie then began a period of in-depth exploration of available cables and appendages on the hunt for the most beautiful she could find.

Having successfully navigated various supply chains, Lola's Leads are now well known and supported by various component suppliers. The luxury cable is imported from Italy, hand-dyed, assembled and tested to British Standards in the UK.

Our perfected range consists of three main collections:

The Classic
A core range of colours including the original and best selling gold
along with red, black, ivory and silver. 

The Natural 
A mix of four earthy colours in a linen mix, oatmeal, anthracite,
ash and mocha and a superb thick Jute. 

Lola's Curated Colours
A collation of a vast spectrum of unique hand-dyed colours.

We continue to explore new avenues to bring you the brightest jewel-toned Lola's Leads. So look forward to the limited edition colours.

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