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Lola's Leads Lime Sorbet

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Say good-bye to unsightly extension cords with Lola's Leads, the stylish alternative to boring white plastic. This item is lovingly hand dyed to create a gorgeous colour, this process means that there may be variations in the colour.

We have so many options for your Lola's Lead that we've left this batch of hand-dyed Lime Sorbet uncut! That means you can choose between any of our connectors to create the perfect lead for you!

There are 12m available.

To order or get a quote, please use the comment box on this page to send us an email answering the following questions:

How long would you like your Lola's Lead?

What colour connectors; Black or White?

How many sockets do you need; 2 Gang, 4 Gang or 6 Gang

Do you need UK or EU plugs and sockets?

When we've received your email we will send you an invoice and make your Lola's Lead to order!